Segment: Choosing the Right Support Surface: When, How and Getting Paid for it!

28 March 2020 08:00 - 12:00

Persons with and at risk for pressure ulcers require assistance in protecting their at-risk areas. The most common skin areas to break down due pressure ulcers are the sacrum, heels, ischial tuberosities, occiput and elbow among others. Support surfaces provide a means to decrease the compressive forces these areas experience during daily activities including lying in bed, sitting up in a wheelchair or on the toilet and even walking. There are a broad range of support surfaces to choose from and each surface has benefits and challenges. Choosing the optimal support surface from requires understanding and incorporating a broad range of physiologic and functional needs into the patient assessment. This session will provide the attendees the tools and resources needed to set up a "seating clinic" at your facility.