Lower Extremity Summit - Sacramento

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1 - Saturday November 2

Global Issue of Lower Extremity Wounds - Valerie Messina, RN

Wound Care Work Up: The Basics - Kim Thomas, NP

Wound Bed Preparation: Debridement: the Art Form and the Science - James McKee, DPM

Oh those Swollen Legs - Marta Ostler, PT

The Influence of Adequate Debridement on Healing of Chronic Lower Extremity Diabetic Ulcers - William Tettelbach, MD

When do you Call the Surgeon - Surgical Interventions - James McKee, DPM

If it Quacks is it a Duck? Atypical Wounds - Kim Thomas, NP

How does Blood Flow to the Toe? - Misty Humphries

Day 2 - Sunday November 3

At Risk Populations - Mary Haddow, RN

The Four Week Marker - Elizabeth Faust, NP

Bioburden Continuum 2: Systemic Infections, Abx Stewardship - Kara Couch, NP

When the Foot Hits the Ground the Wound Changes (IDSA Guidelines) - Bijan Najafi, MD

So Many Dressings, So Little Time - Mary Haddow, RN

Physical Therapy - What's the Role? - Marta Ostler, PT

The Future Today: Advanced Modalities - James McKee, DPM

Telemedicine - Elizabeth Faust, NP

Regulatory: Call to Action/A-Z Workup - Kara Couch, NP

All Hands on Deck: the Team Approach - Kara Couch, NP, Mary Haddow, RN and James McKee, DPM